The Quant

website-vertical-bannerYou heard there was a killing to be made in the City.

So you studied hard at school, got into a good university, studied some more, graduated (with honours) and, finally, landed a job at the world’s second biggest bank.

But the hard work isn’t over. In fact, it’s only just begun. Before you’re allowed on the trading floor you’ll need a crash course in financial risk.

Luckily The Quant is here to help.

He’ll show you how to make big bets with big money to bring in big returns and earn big bonuses.

And the downside? He knows all about that too.

Written and performed by Jamie Griffiths, The Quant is a whirlwind tour of finance, physics and the psychology of risk.

The Quant premiered at the Camden People’s Theatre in 2013. It played at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London in June 2014 before a 23-show run at the Hill Street Solo Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


6 thoughts on “The Quant

  1. Went to the Tuesday performance and was bowled over!

    Fully Agree with Jim’s description. Well written and skilfully acted. This play had it all; sophistication, humour, warmth, tragedy and a splash of pathos too.

    A one-man masterpiece!

  2. 5 stars!

    I’m still thinking about this piece now – I never knew financial services could be so riverting and entertaining!

    Very impressive show, packed full of intelligence, humour and extremely compelling drama.

    This is a must see show.

  3. Caught the 7:30 show on Saturday with my wife, who did Economics at LSE. Well-written and well-performed, and delivers a tense, engaging hour of timely theatre. Still wondering how the coin tosses were set up, but some things are best left a mystery. Bravo!

  4. Watched this play last night. Superbly written and performed. It was well worthy of a bigger stage and audience. This guy has a big future.

    • I completely agree.

      When I saw this show, I was very pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism displayed in both script and performance.

      Even if the subject matter is not to your taste, this one man show is still well worth seeing.

      The only disappointment was the sparsity of the audience.

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